The Project Manager/Jobsite Superintendent Role

Salary Range: Based on Experience

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Preparing Project Specifications

  • Prepare project spec sheet using Epic Home’s Exhibit B Template
  • Use the Client’s questionnaire document from Epic Home’s Typeform program to help develop project specs
    • Include Client photo or reference photos in Exhibit B as needed for additional clarification
  • Review Project Bid Plans with Exhibit B spec sheet and make sure everything noted or called out on the plan correlates with the Exhibit B spec sheet


Project Estimating

  • Create the project estimate in Epic Home’s project management software called Ressio
  • Send out the project’s final bid plans with the final Exhibit B spec sheet to all subcontractors that are bidding on the project
  • Set a timeline to receive bids back and manage this process by tracking bids received and making calls, emails, or finding additional subcontractors to bid when needed (aka “Never Give Up”)
    • Need to be resourceful to find and vet new reputable subcontractors as needed
  • Track and Review subcontractor’s bids and compare their bids to what was called out on the Exhibit B spec sheet
  • Input subcontractor’s bids into Ressio
  • Perform any estimates or takeoffs in Bluebeam or Excel as needed
    • Typically there will be certain items on the project that will require self-performed takeoffs versus obtaining an actual bid


During Project Cost Tracking

  • Monitor and manage actual project costs against the contracted estimate
  • Review project invoices and confirm they are in line with initial bids
    • Discuss overages and negotiate invoices as needed
  • Input cost information throughout the project such as:
    • Update Ressio with any additional costs related to changes in scope that may require a change order or approval from the client
    • Inputting final selections and their updated costs on any allowance items during construction


Project Management During Projects

  • Project Scheduling and Material Ordering
    • Create and manage project timelines and schedules in Ressio
    • Order products once selections are approved in Ressio by the clients
      • Create purchase orders in Ressio after Client selections are made
      • Obtain order confirmations from vendors/subs on selections as needed
    • Coordinate and schedule material deliveries and material returns to and from the jobsite
  • Subcontractors and In-House Labor
    • Coordinate subcontractor's start times and on-site walkthroughs
    • Meet with subcontractors on-site as needed
    • Manage subcontractor’s job scope per project based on plans and contract specs
    • Provide subs with necessary plans, specs, product information, and any change orders or changes in project scope
    • Remind subs to clean up and lead by example
  • On-Site Roles
    • Site Safety
      • Make sure all on site subcontractors are taking necessary safety precautions
        • If subcontractors are being careless and not taking safety seriously, have them leave the site
      • Site visits daily to each project if possible
        • Clean up and organize jobsites and call and manage subcontractors to clean up their mess as needed
        • Out-of-town jobsite visits less frequently (As needed)
          • Line up meetings with multiple trades on the same day for out-of-town projects if possible
        • Manage and Direct Quality Control
          • Meet and exceed all quality requirements
          • Epic Home’s mission is to deliver projects that are on time, on budget, and exceed our client’s quality expectations
        • Take Photos during construction and organize them or save them to a project file
          • If OSHA ever shows up on site daily photos show and prove that we are not being negligent
        • Before insulation has started on the project, a video must be taken of all Rough-ins
          • Pay special attention to the following:
            • Electrical locations such as lights on ceilings, outlet locations, and any other unusual electrical conditions
            • Mechanical ductwork and gas lines
            • Plumbing water lines and vent pipes
          • Move equipment, trailers, and material on site as necessary
          • Be on board with getting your hands dirty when needed: “Do whatever it takes” attitude


Project Close-Out

  • Make a final project punch list along with any items that will need to be completed at a later date (such as installing an A/C in the spring when the project closes in the winter)
  • Manage, track, and update the final punch list and any follow-up that is required
  • Once the project is complete, manage and schedule any warranty items for finished projects


Client Interactions

  • Meet with clients on-site as needed
  • Schedule walkthroughs that may require both the client and subcontractors such as Framing walkthrough, Electrical walk through ETC
  • Schedule walkthroughs that may require both the client and Interior Designer as needed
  • Schedule and direct the final walkthrough with the client
  • Discuss project costs such as changes in scope, change orders, and any other financials with clients during construction as needed
  • Give the client a post-construction binder that includes the following:
    • All updated and necessary product manuals that were used on that project
    • Epic Home’s Warranty information
    • Homeowner’s Maintenance information
  • When communicating with a client remember to always interact with the highest level of professionalism
    • Remember that “We Work for Them”



  • Take part in marketing events with Epic Homes as needed: Such as the Parade of Homes or Home & Garden Show
  • Responsible for managing your company credit card receipts and turning them in weekly

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