The guys (Parker, Taylor, and Tom) at Epic Homes form a very well-rounded team. With each individual bringing several unique talents to the table, they combine these talents to offer a building experience that is fun and exciting rather than stressful and intimidating. While each of the guys has their own story, let’s start when the group was formed.

The Epic Homes story started in 2011 when Parker began building homes in Dickinson. After gaining experience in Dickinson, Parker moved to Bismarck in 2013 and continued building custom homes. During the window between starting to build homes and moving to Bismarck, Parker met Taylor and Tom.

Taylor was working in commercial construction in Dickinson at the time, and the two met through Parker’s cousin (now Taylor’s wife). The two shared many interests, one which happened to be construction. Parker helped Taylor through the process of building his personal home, which eventually led Taylor to a career in residential construction.

Tom met Parker through a mutual friend, and the two began talking business and entrepreneurial ideas almost immediately. Through these conversations, both challenged each other to be better in business and life in general. Not knowing it at the time, their ideas would be shared more frequently and on a different scale in the future when the team of Epic Homes would be formed.

In the Spring of 2017, Parker, Taylor, and Tom joined forces by offering truly custom homes in Bismarck-Mandan and Fargo-Moorhead, as well as the surrounding areas. The timing made sense for all three to bring their unique skillsets to the table, and the result is an experience that clients thoroughly enjoy, with a product they are proud to call home.

Parker Pladson

Parker started his working career in the restaurant business and is thankful for all the experiences he was able to gain from owning a business in that industry. Perhaps the greatest lessons he took away were related to customer service and providing customers with the best possible experience. These are important factors that Epic Homes and Parker himself take seriously every day. Another important lesson Parker learned in the restaurant industry is appreciating and thriving during the busiest of times. While the business of running a busy restaurant and building a home are certainly not the same, the concepts are relatable. Parker prides himself on having the right tools and people in place, which allows Epic Homes to maintain the level of service and quality that our clients deserve and have come to know. Parker loves what he does and has the right personality for the homebuilding industry. He is straightforward, creative, honest and has a knack for finding unique solutions to any obstacle.

Although Parker genuinely enjoys a hard day’s work, the most important things in life are his family and his faith.  Nothing is better than coming home to his wife Lacey and son Rylan after a day at work and being able to enjoy life as a family. Parker loves to stay active and here are some of his favorite pastimes. He loves to play games of any card. You name it and he will play it and most importantly try to win, just ask his wife. He also enjoys being on the water, mountain biking, snow skiing and pretty much anything that gets his blood pumping. If it is a bit dangerous it is probably worth trying in his mind. Parker enjoys bettering himself and always strives to be at his best for not only his family but also those he works with.